Jesolo: a tradition in sand sculpture’s competition

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Jesolo is a nice city near to Venice and it  is one of the places more interesting on the theme of sand sculpting competitions. This is arguably one of the finest annual show of its kind being presented in world today.

I want to talk about this festival becouse tomorrow will start the 2010 edition!!

Jesolo’s festival is a tradition begun in 1998, this competition, organized by the city itself; artist from all over the world come to this place for expressing their creativity.

What makes particular this festival is that from the 2001’s edition it has a theme. The artist can’t build sculpture as thay want but have to respect a chosen theme common to everyone.

THis year the theme is: PINOCCHIO, the famous tale of Carlo Lorenzini written in 1881.

This nice edition of the festival will start tomorrow (29 may) at 20.30 in the Arenile di Brescia.

17 artist from all the world will participate to this event and will be organized by the artist director Richard Varano, who directs the festival from its first edition.

Visitators will meet the main episodes of the little puppet’s life, from its creation by Master Geppetto, to the meeting with the terrible Mangiafuoco,  cunning Cat and Fox,  Torquise Fairy and many other characters and fantastic places. They will create a fun atmosphere rich in educative value of the tale itself.

But let’s see what themes the festival had had in the past years:

  • 1998: artist choice/no theme
  • 1999: artist choice/ no theme
  • 2000: artist choice/ no theme
  • 2001:Alice in wonderland

  • 2002: Excalibur

  • 2003: Ancient Rome

  • 2004: Ancient Egypt

  • 2005: Hollywood

  • 2006: Visions of Africa

  • 2007: Wild West

  • 2008: Chine & Olympics

  • 2009: Dante’s Inferno


Sand Story

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You would rwmember Ilana Yahav, the great sand artist who drows on a glass with sand constructinh stories from an image to the other.

She’s not alone, and this new style is called Sandstory.

Sandstory is the most compelling new art form to come around in decades! Sand scattered on a light box is formed and reformed into ever changing shapes and images that tell visually powerful stories. Set to music they inspire, challenge and motivate in a captivating way. Joe Castillo is one of the first and certainly the premier “SandStory” artist in the world today! This art performance is done live and projected on screens for a powerful, standing ovation experience!

This innovative form of art is very visually strong and can capture attention of spectators not only through images but also music; in a certain sense it is a perfect mix of different form of art!!

Another artist who is a master of this technique is Joe Castillo:

While drawing on a large 4’ x 8’ easel, Joe speaks, inspires and motivates with 35-40 minute lessons and relates ‘life story’ applications, and stories that touch the heart. The stories literally come alive as the drawing unfolds captivating, both the ear, the eye and the heart. These valuable ‘life lessons’ are memorable life changing events.

Having spoken to hundreds of thousands of people over a period of thirty-two years Joe has mastered the ability to share stories that inspire, motivate and touch the heart. Speaking to children, teens, adults, churches, businesses, and conferences has made him a much-requested storyteller and raconteur. You may laugh, cry, hurt, heal and leave his talks and stories feeling uplifted and filled with a desire to be more than you ever thought you could. Joe’s stories are often accompanied by his powerful “ArtStory” illustrations that capture the eye, the ear and the heart.

A native of Mexico City, Joe grew up surrounded by art and the cosmopolitan culture of an international city. In his teenage years he moved to Florida, attended Ringling School of Art, and graduated from Florida Bible College. Starting his career as a Christian businessman, he founded The Advertising Library, an agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. After 21 years in advertising, he returned to school and received a M.A. in Biblical Studies and M. Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary.  He pastored a church for five years. Now with his wife Cindy, Joe travels speaking and performing full time.

Here below some of his works:

Sand Sculpting Festival in Weston super Mare

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In these days another sand sculpting event is being organized by WSSA and will takeplace in Weston super Mare(UK), The event will last from 22nd of May to 5th of September.

For the second consecutive time, WSSA will produce a sand sculpture festival in the North Somerset beach resort of Weston super Mare.

An international team of WSSA sand sculptors will build several impressive sand sculpture scenes according to the theme “Great! Britain”.

Last year’s event attracted over 60.000 visitors, and the local organisation is expecting many more visitors with this years festival, which has expanded in size considerably. This year, a demonstration team of WSSA sculptors will keep on working on the final sand sculptures, during the first weeks that the festival is open to the public. This way everyone will be able to see how sand sculptures are created. The festival is open to the public from Saturday 29th of May untill the end of August.

But the event is not born only thank to WSSA; it’s history began five years ago:

In 2005 the festival sent a sample of sand from the beach at Weston-super-Mare to the World Sand Sculpting Academy based in Holland. They couldn’t believe how great it was. “It’s a sculptors dream come true!” they declared and were on the next plane to see for themselves! Soon after, plans were underway for the first sand sculpture in Weston-super-Mare.

The summer of 2006 saw King Kong take to the Beach Lawns. The sculpture was created by Joris and Jaap, two Dutch sculptors who spend their lives creating amazing displays around the world. It took 20 tonnes of sand to build the ten feet tall King Kong who attracted thousands of visitors and the festival was born!

The 2007 event saw eight sculptors arrive in Weston-super-Mare to create sand sculptures with a fairy tale theme using 200 tonnes of sand. Tales by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel were re-created in sand models up to 12 feet tall. One of the sculptors who created the Cinderella piece went on from the event in Weston-super-Mare to win a gold medal at the World Championships in Canada.

In 2008 the seven continents were recreated on Weston beach by 12 sculptors.  Big Ben, Uluru, Machu Picchu and Sagrada Familia were just some of the famous sights.

In this link you’ll see some sculpture of the festivals, I didn’t succed in downloading it becouse of their site

Other art ways

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Sand castle and sand structure are not the only way to express art trough sand. Maybe some of you will remember the ENI’s spot of this year:

This spot has been shotted with the help of  Ilana Yahav.

Ilana Yahav is a world renowned sand artist. Using only her finger she draws with sand on a glass table under which is placed the camera.

This new way of sand art is beautifull and innovative and Eni understand it producing a spot which will be reminded by its clients.

Here below other Ilana’s work:

A great Honor

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I was checking on my e-mail when I found a message from my Design course’s professor: apparently, he too in the last days has chosen to experiment the sand constructing experience!

He’s not a sand sculptor but, as we immediately understand from the picture below, he’s a great designer and his composition remembers me the work which can be done with a zen garden.

I want to thank him for his contribution to my blog and I hope he will comment this post maybe explaining his work and what he felt during the “sand-creating experience”.

Stefano Mirti, ” SAND AND STONE CASTLE”,  Genova, 2010


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Hi everyone!

last week-end I went to Lerici, an old sea city near to La Spezia in Liguria with my girlfriend and two friends of mine.

As always happens since I started this blog, when I had the chance I try to express myself through sand castle’s construction. This time I also convinced my friend Alessandro to help me reviving the emotions of our childhood. It has been very funny and here below you can see what, theoretically, has to be a sand castle XD

Event organization

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Hi everyone! we’ve reached the last post about wssa’s activity.

This very organized academy, in fact, not only programs competitions, team building course and other courses for people; but also organizes the location for some events.

Public sand sculpture events have an almost mythical attraction to the public. Regardless of age and background, anyone who will encounter a sand sculpture is awed by its intricate massiveness. The media are drawn to it in large numbers. Not only the final result is worth visiting, but also the building process itself will attract large numbers of visitors and a great deal of media coverage. That is why a sand sculpting event can attract thousands of visitors each day over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

WSSA has carried out events with up to 1 million visitors per event. Therefore WSSA can guarantee a local event organiser the ultimate event, based on many years of experience in concept development, technical expertise and marketing and PR support.